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Monday, 21 January 2013 00:00

Brilliant Breakfasts

Its now summer and all you see is diets diets,  just about everywhere on the  TV, Radio on twitter, news papers, magazines its pretty hard to avoid the topic.

My advice is take no notice what so ever. Stop yoyo dieting and find a healthier relationship with food, start loving food not avoiding it. If you can’t sustain it for life there is no point doing it.

If you eat real food, you can eat all day and never be fat. I mean natural foods, that grew, swam, flew or breathed, not packet stuff or a greasy take-aways.

Start taking an interest in what you are eating.  It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to take forever to eat well.  Most of my meals are 20 minute meals or they are cooked in advance and pulled out the freezer. You can recreate all your favourite spicy dishes yourself and if you prepare properly you never need to eat a ready meal again.

My top tips for better eating.

  1. Reduce the  stodgy carbs, try brown bread, rice or cous cous. or sweet potato
  2. Increase the fruit and vegetables and go for lots of colour
  3. Don’t rely on sandwiches, it’s a lazy meal option
  4. Reduce processed food, that includes breakfast ceral and baked beans.
  5. Reduce sugary foods including fizzy diet drinks.
  6. Drink at least two litres of water
  7. Increase protein in your meals to keep you full
  8. Keep an eye on your portion sizes
  9. Swap chips for  veg or salads when eating out.
  10. Learn to cook swap ideas and recipes
  11. Don’t cut any food groups out
  12. Eat slowly at the table
  13. Don’t shovel food in while watching TV
  14. Keep nuts  fruit and water in your bag for hungry times


If your body is hungry in the morning its working properly, if its not then perhaps its not used to getting regular food. Well fuelled bodies will get hungry and thirsty, which means regular food and water.    

I know what you’re thinking if I eat breakfast I am hungry all day, you should be hungry again by lunch time if you eat the right breakfast.  Skipping breakfast and eating a big meal at the end of the day is just daft. You need your energy in the morning.

Research shows that those who eat breakfast are slimmer than those that do not and its your fuel for the day so don’t avoid breakfast make a little time for it.  

If you start your day healthy you are more likely to stay healthy for the rest of the day.

Eating the same breakfasts is boring and I think there are so many healthy breakfasts you don’t need the same one twice, unless you want it.

Breakfast cereals are easy to grab but are often packed with hidden sugars, porridge is the only exception, It oats pure and simple with no sneaky hidden ingredients and at less than a £1 a bag it’s cheap too and good for you. Add honey or berries to bring it to life.

Here are some good balanced breakfasts.

  • Scrambled eggs on a slice of whole grain toast
  • Porridge with honey, add your favourite berries.
  • Banana, peanut butter rolled in an oatcake
  • An Omelette with mushrooms
  • Grilled bacon and egg on a pancake or oat cake
  • Pancake topped with berries

Most people have juice but I always have a big pint of water to start my day hydrated.

Breakfast in a flash in a Glass

To increase your fruit and vegetable intake why not try some for breakfast. I was taught that two fruit and one vegetable makes a good combination for  smoothes. This tip was  from Rebecca Kane at @Shine on raw.

A great personal trainer also taught me throwing in a raw egg adds protein to any smoothes making you stay fuller for longer. You don’t taste it and it’s a perfectly safe way to eat eggs.

Invest in a good quality blender and chop and freeze your fruit for your smoothes, so the “I don’t have time to chop and peel doesn’t apply” just grab from the freezer and throw it in the jug!

Buy your pineapples, mangos when they are on offer, chop and put in a plastic box in the freezer, same for bananas, and berries. No fruit will be wasted if you have a good quality blender that can deal with frozen fruits and ice. I buy a mint plant for £1 it sits on my window sill happily until I want some and will last a very long time if its watered.

You can prepare in advance and  have a selection of fruits to grab and whiz up as nobody wants pineapple for a whole week! No measurements required just a handful of this and that it doesn’t have to be an exact science. Just add  water or more of the liquid if your smoothes are too thick. Have a go you will get the hang of it and send me your recipes if you make some nice ones of your own.

My favourite Smoothies.

Green & Minty Apple juice, handful of kale or spinach, pinch of mint leaves.

Orange and Zesty Orange Juice, Carrot and slice of Ginger, (optional Pineapple)

Killer Red Beetroots, squeeze of lime, ginger, (optional pineapple slice)

Nutty Nanas Glass of skimmed milk, banana, 1 egg, 1 table spoon of Whole earth Peanut butter, sprinkle of cinnamon (optional blueberries)

Strawberry Shake 1 large advacado or small courgette, yogurt, honey, double  portion of frozen red berries, fresh strawberries.

Berrybliss Frozen red berries, blueberries milk or yogurt and pineapple.

Courgette and Advacardo are my smoothe veggies as they whizz up very creamy and have a gentle taste so you you won't even know they are there.

I hope you have enjoyed my breakfast blogg and I hope I have inspired you to give breakfast ago if you don’t already.

I am going to write a lunch one next month for some simple lunches you can make to grab from the freezer and go or fling in the fridge.

Its time to shake up the food embrace it love it not spend life trying to avoid it.

Special thanks to the following for their ideas, and inspiration. They do what they do really well !

Kerstens Kitchen Richard Westwood Rebecca  Kane

If you need help with getting a better relationship with food give me a call for counselling or some kitchen coaching.  07958721040

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