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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:00

A clients experience of therapy

 (Published with kind permission of Michael)

“Where to begin?

I suppose with my own preconceptions of anybody whose profession begins with “Psych”. The image of a 60 year old male, straight laced, two foot grey beard, black couch and dowdy, badly lit office is probably shared by many but is, fortunately, very wide of the truth.

 At M J Counselling Mel is a passionate, sympathetic listener and advocate of self forgiveness.She also has the assistance of her “Pawsome Team”, Max, the GSD and River, the Miniature Dachshund; two gems whose personalities add their own magic. The environment is light and colourful with comfortable seats making it easy to feel welcomed, settled and comfortable. Not a couch in sight (unless you want it).

 It took me long time to realise that I had problems and probably longer to do something about it because “I'm not the kind of person who goes to people like that, I will pull myself together”. My head and my life were a mess.

That first phone call to Mel was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done; the first visit was harder. But, that human approach kept me coming back. I am now in a far better place and my life's path no longer heads straight into a brick wall. I am going somewhere.

To anybody reading this my hope is that you are reassured enough to make the next move, to make that phone call. Just remember - everybody deserves to be listened to.”

Kindest regards


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Monday, 05 August 2013 01:00

You’re Never Too Old: David's Story

David came to see me over a year ago, he had been suffering from depression off and on for a number of years and was struggling to enjoy his sales role or get any fulfilment from it. The only reason for getting up and going to work was because David had to drop his kids at school on the way. He just couldn't see a way forward when he first came to see me.

We worked together for several months and were able to restore David's confidence and help him see a way forward. With renewed self belief he finally decided to take the plunge in his mid 40s to pursue his life long ambition to be a maths teacher. One year on David writes to update me of his progress.

Hello Mel - How are you?

I was sitting thinking this afternoon how things have changed for me this last 12 months, and the part you played, so thought it would be remiss not to send you an email and to say hello etc...

Well, this time last year I was a month away from starting my PGCE [Post Graduate Certificate in Education] course to become a Maths teacher. I am now 4 weeks away from starting as a fully fledged NQT [Newly Qualified Teacher] and lo and behold it will be at the school my girls went to, how freaky is that?!!

I just had an amazing year - one of those things you can glibly say "I should have done this ages ago", easy to say but then I think, would it have been as good, was I ready for it?

I just think the time was right ,everything fell into place, maybe it was fate?!?! I cannot believe how at home I feel with teaching, my state of mind and attitude is so different, I worked so hard and it never felt like a chore.

So, another big tick for you, I hope you are still doing well and thanks again!

David (Printed with kind permission of my client).

If you are struggling to find your way forward please get in touch maybe I can help?


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